About MechaKucha808

I have a great selection of Japanese Washi Tape, which is similar to masking tape. Washi Tape can be torn by hand and depending on the surface you stick it to, it is also reposition-able and removable. Washi tape comes in a variety of colors, prints, and sizes, making it ideal for crafting, or collecting (hoarding). It can be very addicting! I keep my prices low so that your Washi tape addiction doesn't bankrupt you. 
The name of my store "MechaKucha" is Japanese word with many different meanings, mixed-up, all over the place, and wacky' or it could mean 'really really, or super duper'. "MechaKucha" is the perfect word to describe my store as I sell a variety of items. The"808" Part? That's the area code for the beautiful State of Hawaii where I am from.
Along with a great selection of Washi Tape, I also sell Japanese Paper products, very cute and unique tape dispensers, and an assortment of stickers. I'm also starting to create my own custom prints of washi tape. 
Please check my "Store announcement" page for various coupon codes to help you save. I'm always on the look out for unique products to sell, so please check back often.